Saturday, September 17, 2016

A Time and Space All Your Own

A Time and Space All Your Own
          The following visualization is one we use often in the yoga classes and in the self-care and stress management presentations.  The inspiration for this technique comes from Elizabeth Frediani’s book titled, Where Body Meets Soul: Subtle Energy Healing Practices for Physical and Spiritual Self-Care.  Enjoy!
Circle Boundary Visualization
          1)  Visualize clearing your energy field
          2)  Imagine drawing a circle around yourself
          3)  See clearly the people, places and things outside that circle affirming that they can only reach you by invitation
          4)  Decide what you do want to invite into your circle and enjoy for as long as you choose         
          Imagine somehow clearing your energy field of all the debris and distraction that sometimes accumulates there.  Some people do this by imagining a cosmic vacuum cleaner that sucks up all the “stuff” from the energy field.  Some people imagine a huge lint brush that methodically brushes through the energy field collecting all the busy-ness and clutter.  Some people prefer to physically clear any unwanted energy in their field with hand movements.  Some people even imagine a big strong wind blowing all the clutter away.  However you choose to do it, take some time to intentionally clear your own energy field.  Once you have sufficiently cleared your energy field; then imagine drawing a big circle around yourself.  Make the line of that circle thick and definitive.  This circle is your personal boundary.  Make sure that there is no question as to where it is and what it represents.  Know in your heart of hearts that the only things that can gain access to the space inside that circle boundary are things that you personally invite.  Take a moment to be conscious of the things (people, places, things) outside your circle and remind yourself that they can only have access to you if you invite them into your circle. 
          Once you’ve cleared your energy field and defined your space, then take the time to decide exactly what you DO want to have in your inner circle and what you would like to experience and explore.  This is a great way to start a project (anything from meditation or a yoga class to studying or spending time with a loved one).  It is also a lovely way to end a day.  When you lay down to sleep, clear your energy field of all the debris you collected during the day, define your boundaries for your night’s sleep and invite what you’d like to explore, experience or manifest into your inner circle of dreamy sleep!

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